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Clumbing Ideas With Their Hands

Цветочная клумбаPigureka, etc.
  • Sometimes the right solution will be to create a mono of clumbing on which only one colour and size are planted. Such an option would be suitable for a classic and elegant section where the sandtrot would be superficial and inappropriate.

What is needed cloth processing?

It's not as simple as it looks to me to smash the clumbum. Creating a cloam is a job that requires certain skills.Подготовка почвы It's not necessary to become a professional gardener, but it's best to follow certain advice. To begin with, it is necessary to understand what you would like to see, what it should look like.

Then we need to design and develop a scheme. It's necessary to pick flowers that will truly come and grow in your region so that they don't get upset. It is also necessary to remember when planting is planted, which can be both black and those who love light.Оформление клумбы It is necessary to find the soil in which the flowers will grow better and, of course, the flowers that would be combined in colour and size.

First, it's better to learn the creation of simple cloams, don't get caught by complex geometry. Simple rectangular, triangle, round or square blooms look very carefully and beautiful. Okay, if the clumbium repeats the interview form or the wings, then a nice symmetry eye will be created on the precinct.

Круглая клумбаSoil preparation

By designing a clumbing scheme, soil can be prepared. You can start training in spring.

The preparation of the soil is as follows:

  • Using the shovel, remove the tree from the soil;
  • Clear the land from the weeds, remove them together with the roots;
  • If the ground is light, add the right amount of glinist land to it, and if the soil is glyne, it should be diluted with a little sand;
  • Use the soil as a compost;
  • bait or wilayam, make a little deeper in the ground and add fertilizers and minerals.

If seeds don't need to be pre-grossed, you can boldly land them. You don't have to grow on your own, you can buy it in markets and stores.

During planting, you keep a pattern in front of your eyes, then you don't make mistakes, and then you don't have to fix anything.

You're gonna have to deal with the race. Careful and careful, Look at the specific flowers at which distance they should be placed, otherwise the more “powerful” would destroy the “slaves” and the club would look like a crowded pelvis.

General plant removal regulations

  • The lowest-grown, barely rising above the soil can be planted to 10 grand by the side;
  • slightly higher - up to 8 grand;
  • Medium to 5 grand;
  • The highest are two to three grand.
Вариант оформления клумбы Что такое миксбордер и как его создать?
Сделать клумбу своими руками. Интересная идея
Сделать клумбу своими руками. Интересная идея
Клумбы своими руками
Клумбы своими руками
Идея для клумбы своими руками
Идея для клумбы своими руками
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