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It's much more difficult to take care of the landing site than the house or the more the city apartment. It requires constant attention and considerable physical pressure. The beautiful courtyard is the pride of the master, of course, he's very excited to see a cozy yard, a flower garden, an unusual place for rest or charming plants. But that needs to be taken care of all the time. To ease the challenge a little Workloads, work on a beautiful landing area can be divided into several stages:

The landing area. How do you see him? Nice precincts with colored seals or with green gas and squids. Or maybe with a pond where you grow fish and watch them sit under the plaque and by using the perimeter of a bridge. If you have kids, you'll have to figure out where the children's playground is. If you're dreaming of gardening, what fruit trees and where you're gonna sit. You need to, just split the station into functional areas.приусадебный участок своими руками A small area isn't a problem for zoning. There's a small lawn that can be lighted in a stitch, a picnic, then removes the furniture, turn it into an active game zone.

Set the boundaries of the zones and divide them with widths, arches, decorative fences. The notion of " frontiers " here is conditional, and the widths and fences can be the living gardens of low-grown artisans, coloured by high or bearded flowers, dense bushes or scorcheduling roses or clematis. The fence of the zone must look natural.приусадебный участок своими руками Here's some ideas:

  • In the heat, you can rest in a stew underneath the shadow of a tree
  • Install an arch or pergola with an calibre or a pink pen over a track leading to a functional area
  • To get away from the neighbors will help the garden track or the spalers of the enviable plants that will produce the effects of the coloured wall
  • The open site can be divided into zones by means of screens with severe perforation or width from bamboo, lazy or zinc

Accommodation improvements includes beautiful areas and paths. For their engine:

  • For the parade zone, the braceschet, the basalt, granite, sand or limestone stone
  • For the patio or the inner palace, we can advise the border stoves.
  • For recreational zone or a tennis courtyard, take a natural wooden drink, pre-packing an antiseptic. The intersections between the saws will be filled for sand or small gravel effects, which will be more elegant.
  • For thematic areas of irregular shape and erratic location, use natural materials (sand, small gravel, wood mulch etc.)
приусадебный участок своими руками приусадебный участок своими руками приусадебный участок своими руками приусадебный участок своими руками
Сделать клумбу своими руками. Необычные и красивые клумбы
Сделать клумбу своими руками. Необычные и красивые клумбы ...
Посмотрите, какие красивые цветники своими руками могут
Посмотрите, какие красивые цветники своими руками могут ...
Красивые клумбы своими руками
Красивые клумбы своими руками
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