дизайн сада своими руками фото

Disein Garden With His Hands

Змеевидная тропинка из каменных плит, уложенных на галькуSmoke troll on galc

In the garden of regular construction, the tracks shall be removed only on a straight line, in such a way that they are parallel and perpendicular to each other, fences and walls of the house. The style will also suit the radius or symmetry.

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The regular garden is a straight opposite to the landscape style. It may also have the names of the French Park, the Geometric Garden, the garden of regular or geometric construction. The correct uniforms and symmetry of performance are different. The most severe and light style in landscape design is considered.

Trains in the garden

By choosing what to do in the garden. with your hands. It is important to take into account the basic requirements: strength, security and affordability. What better do they make? How do you figure out the number of materials?

Главная дорожка, выполненная из клинкерного кирпичаThe most popular are:

  • Tread;
  • Natural stone;
  • Boundary;
  • brush;
  • Galka;
  • Sampled concrete;
  • concrete stoves;
  • Bros and trees;
  • The terrace board.
Main road from clinical brick

Streams for vengeance shall be selected depending on the purpose of the trope and the space. On the main routes, especially if the house is permanently housed, a complete hard cover of concrete, stoves or stones is provided. Brick, gravia or galc are used for the substopping of the central roads as well as for the washing of secondary routes.

The central roads and accesses bridge the same type of material to give the whole space a true unity. If the area is large, several coatings may be combined, but not more than 2-3.Стильные и удобные дорожки в саду своими руками It's better for the cervical cable to pick the elements of a small size - a brusht, a clinker, a clottoire.

The base of the track shall be made before the surface is laid. To this end, the tranche shall be dried up and predetermined by the formula: height of the base and height of the surface coating. Typically, 30 centimetre layers of small-scale sand and gravia or cheek are used to create the ground. The sand component shall not be more than 50 per cent. The rationale is set in 4-5, approximately equal layers, each carefully waters for sludge and oven.

Determination of the number of lining material

In order to determine the amount of material required for the velocity of the superficial road, it is necessary to determine the length and width of the future garden path and then, by multiplying, to calculate its total area. For example, a trail of 1, 2 per 7 m will require about 63 tons of decorative chip.

Садовые дорожки, выложенные из камня Дорожки в саду из однотипной клинкерной плитки Площадка, вымощенная клинкерным кирпичом и натуральной колотой брусчаткой Дорожки из плитки в цветнике выполненные в природном стиле
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Как сделать кашпо своими руками из старых джинсов
Как сделать кашпо своими руками из старых джинсов
дизайн сада - водоёмы, водопады, ручьи
дизайн сада - водоёмы, водопады, ручьи
Оригинальные светильники своими руками для дачи, сада
Оригинальные светильники своими руками для дачи, сада
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