Благоустройство своими руками

Setting Up The Site With His Hands

Обустройство дачного участка для семей с маленькими детьми: безопасное зонированиеWhen a young family is encapsulated by its own place, naturally, they plan to create a children ' s zone in one of the corners, because if they have not yet come to light, they'll be here soon. The fenced area will protect children from external dangers, and a well-designed site will help to make their leisure more effective. But often in an effort to create an original landscape, parents do not consider that babies can adjust their colours, rock gardens, etc. And you won't be able to prohibit them from knowing the world because, until 3 years, the Shadoons have little knowledge of the concepts of bad and good. The only option left was to create a territory where there were no dangers or exclusion zones.Детская зона We'll figure out how best to set up a long-distance site. with your hands. for families with small children.

Everyday walk in the fresh air is a mandatory element of everyday life for the babies. As long as the baby's in the bell, it's easier. Make a good path for your mom, and she'll ride the baby. But barely a kid gets on his feet, he's ready to defuse the whole section, touch it and try it on his tooth. And for that period, the site should be as secure as possible.

When the garden is set up, it is worth breaking space into several areas: play, recreation, garden and so-called backyard. As soon as the baby comes down from the stairs at home, he's got to see the playground. That's why she's being made bright, attracting eyes so that the baby can be dragged there.

Central area Parental rest zone. There should be a maximum survey of the whole area, so that mom or dad can see where their chados play at the moment. That's what a child needs. He will always see that there will be no one on the site, which means that there will be no sense of anxiety and fear, which is particularly strong in 2-2, 5 years.

Sadow-Organized Zone It is desirable to plan on the opposite side of the game, because all the berry berries will be tested before Mom finds the fact. And unwashed fruit is a source of intestinal infections. If this section is separated from the rest of the living fence, high-grown flowers or decorative cleaners up to a half-metre, the baby will be much less interested in the invisible area of the site.

Детская песочница Игровая площадка Зона отдыха родителей Бассейн на участке

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Обустройство скважины на воду своими руками: схема, фото
Обустройство скважины на воду своими руками: схема, фото ...
Ландшафтный дизайн участка своими руками. Урок 1. Основы
Ландшафтный дизайн участка своими руками. Урок 1. Основы ...
Строительство пруда на участке своими руками
Строительство пруда на участке своими руками...
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