душ на даче

The Soul To Give With His Hands

Every lucky man knows: a summer shower on the precinct is the second most important thing to do. Everything is going on: the manual and special tools that neighbors have learned in the day, their own fantasy. And it's all to be happy to freshen up after a hot day and get tired.

Simply, hard.

The improvised garden shower appeared on our precinct almost at the same time as the acquisition of land, which was a basic design consisting of a barrel on the roof of the shed, hose and shower league. Protected from the wind and foreign visions was a wooden carcas wrapped by a matt. That's enough to get back on and freshen up at the end of the day. But in time, the precinct was settled, built, and it's time to build a full booth and take a separate place for it.

Future building model

After consideration of this issue, the main points for future construction were highlighted:
  • It was decided to relinquish the separation of the cooked shell with a partition to accommodate the soul in one part. And while many of the neighbours have successfully and quickly implemented such reconstruction, we have not been able to do so because, first of all, the roof and walls have been seriously strengthened, and secondly, they have chosen a useful and necessary space;
  • Having considered the carcasing options, they have chosen a carcas from wooden braces: some of the materials remain after the building of the house, in addition to the 10-cm bruise, a solid backbone, and the construction from it will hold even a heavy water bar. A special anti-Septic tree was processed to increase its life and moisture resistance.
The place for the summer shower was chosen by the solar side of the site, since it was intended to be used mainly in the evening, so the sun should have actively warmed water in the afternoon. By the way, there was a natural elevation in this place, otherwise we should have made a stint to ensure the flow of water.

First stage is the foundation for the soul.

Any construction begins with the foundation. For start-up, a 1x1 2m area is marked on the selected area. This place is enough to feel free of any complementation. On the corners of the rectangle, we hit the rings, pull the cord between them and check the distance again, measuring the side and diagonal steering.

As showers are planned to be fixed and durable, the tetanus is used: at the beacons, the garden storm makes holes in the ground in depth 1m, places a metal tube with a diameter of 90 mm length 1, 2m, and fills a mixture of sand, cement and cheek in a range of 3x1x5. Once again check the distance between the pipes that rise above the ground by 20 cm.

To secure and protect the building from moisture, make wooden decks and pour the same mixture as the foundation: it will a little overpower our soul. At the same time, the two-three straights of the fixture shall be inserted into the undischarged pillars, with a section not exceeding 1cm, with a length of about 20 cm. Leave 10 cm above the surface.
We're waiting to dry the foundation.

Let's get the tide.

The next step is to set up the drain. To that end, near our soul, we're digging the pit at about 2 meters. So that its edges don't fall asleep, the walls must be reinforced. We chose a simple and cheap way to put seven old car tyres in the hole. There was a hole in the second floor and a drained pipe. The other end of it was connected to the soul's palm.

The pallet in the summer shower is essential: without it, the water will be washed. In order not to make a watermelon and avoid extra problems, we've set up a ready metal emalled pallet that can be bought in any specialized store.

Carcasing installation

After the foundation of the waist, we collect a carcas from wooden braces, making a cross from top to bottom: separately collect the upper bottom frame on the ground, seal the fabric of the bolts, then lay on the foundation. To this end, we'll drill the openings to the fixture and put wooden sprays on it. In order to be more resilient in the diagonals, the side frame shall be fixed.

As a stitch, we've chosen a dry string tree, it's beautiful, ecologically, building from it fits in the general landscape of the site. To protect the material from moisture and sun, they covered the mattt. The door was sealed to eliminate the crossroads.

Let's get the tank.

The tank may be installed in two ways:
  • Just put a tank on the roof of a summer shower;
  • Make a buck above the braceum tank and cover the polyethylene film by building the boy.
The first option saves time, the second one provides for early water heating and protection against heat loss. We chose the second option because the weather is not always stable and sunny. It's just that we make two braces, hitting them in the form of the letter V (the length of braces depends on the diameter of the bar). We connect the harvests between the wooden rattle and they are placed at the edges of the roof, with self-resistant cuts. After that, we just hit the tape.
With regard to the tank material, it is possible to choose between plastic and metal. The metal, painted in dark color, warmed faster, plastic, lighter by weight. We've got an old 200-l black plastic barrel in our household, and it's adjustable, put it on the roof and stretched the belts with nails on two sides.
Летний душ из профнастила, сделанный своими руками за 10
Летний душ из профнастила, сделанный своими руками за 10 ...
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