Альпийские горки с прудом

Alpine Mountains On The Way

  • The forest ovarian has a kind of shell, a big rock and a fly.

The perfect place for a future gambling corner is a part of the land with irregularities, gestures and holes. Besides, it's advisable that there's no clumb next to the mountain, they're going to cast the beauty of the alpine. Choose a place where it's sunny until 12:00 and then shadow.

The place around the alpine is to lay down the paths so that the lawn doesn't get hurt.

Construction Alpine Mountain with its own with your hands.

Альпийская горка своими рукамиDetermine what size you want to do. The height of the alpine depends on its diameter: 1 metre of the base corresponds to 15 cm of height. Pay attention to the initial position of the mountain.

Build the alpings better in the fall to make it sustainable for rainfall and wind. Clear the base carefully and remove 30 cm of the upper layer of the earth. A drainage system can be installed on such a prepared site.

Растения для альпийской горкиConsider and organize a moisture system. In a soil specifically designed for alpine plants, the vagina is not delayed, but it must always be dry.

Rent system

It is important that the drainage system be properly organized so that the soil under the alpine does not erupt or spoil the beauty of the design.

Drenage Stage section:

  1. To dig a quote under the Alpine Mountain. Its depth depends on the area of the alpinarium: for standard size 2, 5*2, 5 m, the depth of the boiler shall be about a metre.
  2. Dress the drain. It is a mixture of bricks, cheeks, gravel, granite.
  3. Sleeping the first layer of sand or galka. His thickness should be about 20 cm. Two layers.
  4. Put a layer of soil.

Стоимость альпийской горкиStocking

This stage is the most responsible one, precisely how organic you lay down the stones, will depend on the aestheticity of the whole structure. The principle of rocking is as follows: the largest balds need to be down, 1/3 heights, and then fertile soil. Small stones will steal the top of the mountain. Try to lay the stones in a non-symmetrical way, because there is no concept of symmetry in nature.

Make the alpings dynamic, don't put rocks like bricks in the building, plants will be planted in the caves between the stones.

Well seal the land when the stones are laid, avoid the air pits.

After the stone compound is fully formed, give us some landing time for about two weeks, and then start planting.

Ребенок на даче НОВЫЙ ЖИТЕЛЬ у нас в саду
Ребенок на даче НОВЫЙ ЖИТЕЛЬ у нас в саду
Ребенок на даче ♥ НОВЫЙ ЖИТЕЛЬ у нас в саду ♥ Ребенок 1
Ребенок на даче ♥ НОВЫЙ ЖИТЕЛЬ у нас в саду ♥ Ребенок 1 ...
Пересаживаем флоксы и камнеломку на альпийскую горку
Пересаживаем флоксы и камнеломку на альпийскую горку
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