игровая площадка на даче

Children ' S Fields With Their Hands On Their Hands

Where does the building of children ' s space begin? Of course! The idea, as we know, doesn't go alone. It is accompanied by: knowledge, ageing, time and certain means (dependent on the appetite of ideas). And for your little lucky ones, you want to come up with something that's what the kids are going to get. And if you're sinful, you and I will be able to do our best while the babies play themselves. If the idea of how to make a child's playground with your hands, you've got a description, you'll get to know that belt, maybe you'll take something to your notice.

Remember, the main rule is that the children ' s area should be safe first. Exclusives, in the form of such a popular, coloured vitaration for landscape design, deep water with gold-fish or decorative electrons within the reach of children, are not permitted. Build a site away from the balds, boyfriends and business buildings, so that part of it goes to the shadows for hours a day, because it's always bad for the babies. I also remember that whatever our cups do, they always have to be in front of the eyes, so where the child's playground with your hands, you choose to see the children well, for example, on the front of the window, not on the garden gallery.

How do you start setting up a child's space with your hands?

First, draw up a plan-smart child section. Here's a few ideas for the sample, the sketches and the drawings of the children's spaces, maybe something's gonna be useful.

Here's a few more ideas - how can a children's space be built? with your hands. It will be even clearer:

As a "portcomplex" for the smallest, turn into fabulous characters old barrels, fists, pencils, and for boys over 6 years old, you can be installed on the tournament site, basketball rings and other sports projectiles. For the petty cyclist, think of a closed path and put it through the whole section. On a scale, describe all future facilities.

A little about safety

1. At least 2 metres of free space shall be left in front and rear of the rollers.

2. The fascination park for babies is better closed with soft grass cover (gas, synthetic cover, etc.). Children move a lot and often fall, so it is desirable to protect them from possible injuries.

3. All the layouts of the site (mounting, swinging, domicile and other installations) shall be deepened by at least 0.5 m into the ground and be thoroughly strengthened (betonate, attach metal " boilers " ) by any reliable methods.

4. Each wooden detail on the child area shall be carefully slurped and covered with winter-resistant paint or paw.

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Детская площадка
Детская площадка
Детская площадка на даче своими руками ↑ Гараевы TV
Детская площадка на даче своими руками ↑ Гараевы TV
Детская площадка на даче своими руками / Outdoor
Детская площадка на даче своими руками / Outdoor ...
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