Поделки для огорода: лучшие


Poof underground

So, to produce a 50-foot underground, 50-cm, it's gonna take:
- Film cut 82 * 150 cm.
- Flash 20 * 40 cm for heart
- Hallofayber or other non-core fiber
- Synthepon 20 * 40 cm. (for heart separation)
♪ Djinns
♪ Big-ass needle.
- Head shops
- 2 plastic lids
- Regular laundry rubber
♪ Marker mark
- 4 locks
- Nights.
- Cell side 3 cm from cardboard (possibly one line and marker)

Let's start working on the fabric. Don't forget to deviate from the edge to the stitches on both sides. On the diagram, this place is shown by the line. Put a ready template on the intelligent side of the tissue.

In order to ensure that the points made by the marker through the openings do not fail and continue to distort the sight, press the template to the tissue with special clips. The marker is missing after the washing. It is further necessary to connect only the necessary points of the drawings as shown in the scheme.
Put the tissue in half with the markings on the outside, and we'll just roll on the car on the subway. The stitches will be little visible in the future.

We put a single thread in the needle, we put it in top 1, connecting to the top two, we're doing two strong knots.

We don't cut it, we'll take it to the top three.
A stitch without a knot, drag to that place at the top 4 and also lock two knots. That's how you keep all ranks.

In order to give the pillow the right shape, put it in a straight circle and start collecting the warehouses, pointing a double thread for the fortress, narrowing down to the centre. A central opening of 3 to 5 cm in diameter shall be obtained.

We're switching the job, and we're putting the maximum number of hollofaibers in the pillow to keep the shape. Now the same warehouses should be collected on the other side.

We make a heart. We cut the rooftops, we do two in the middle of each. It'll be like buttons. Then we cut off the synthes and flies in two circles, two times the size of the roof itself.

We cut the rubber 50 cm, put it in the holes of one of the rooftops. Send the cover to the fabric, pull it off the base.

You don't have to close the rubber. Put your heart on the pillow and put the rubber out on the opposite side. One end of the rubber runs through the holes in the second lid, then we'll sew it.

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Поделки для украшения дачи. Интересные примеры
Поделки для украшения дачи. Интересные примеры
Грядки для огурцов Идеи для сада и огорода от садоводов
Грядки для огурцов Идеи для сада и огорода от садоводов
Поделки для украшения дачи
Поделки для украшения дачи
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