Ландшафтный дизайн 6 соток

Landscape Design 6 Flow

Садово-огородная зона участкаIt's best to place the house on the north side of the station. However, some of the rules set out in SNIP 30-02-97 need to be taken into account: there must be a distance of not less than 6 m between the two adjacent stone houses, between the wooden and the stone, at least 10 m, between the two wooden houses, at least 15 m. The same regulations state that the house shall be at least 5 m from the street, 3 m from the road. Owners shall also not be close to 5 m from the carriageway.

The home ' s plan should take into account that the most comfortable location of windows in the living rooms is east and west. The room with windows on the south side will be too hot, and the room with windows on the north will be cold and not light enough. Veranda or the terrace is best placed on the south side. In this case, she will protect the house from overheating in hot days, and in cold time, she won't let the house get cold.

General plan 6 flow

Every master who steals his dacha breaks the cloams around the house, puts the handicraftsmen, and the fruit trees can be scattered. These elements need to be included in your plan immediately. We need to stick to the rule here: the apples are on the south side, and the sorodine is on the north.

Surface zone

The plan of the garden-out zone should take into account the following main points:

  • sufficient illumination of plants;
  • soil fertility and humidity;
  • The possibility of changing cultures;
  • The right calculation of the amount of saturation.

This area is located on the south side of the old house. Most cultural plants love light and heat, so they need to be equipped in such a way that the shadow of high plants does not fall below. The highest plants need to be planted on the north side and the lower on the south. Another rule is that the plan should be designed to increase tree height as the house is remote. The mistake of many horticultures is that there is an area of peripherality between the fruit trees or the planting of long-term grassy plants. As long as they're young, they don't have a thick shadow, they don't take a lot of nutrients from the soil. And until the time, such a plan is acceptable. But when trees grow, plants planted between them are in a state of oppression.Landscape Design 6 flow

For fruit trees to grow and fertilize, they cannot be placed close to each other. There shall be a distance of 3, 5 m between trees and 3 m between cherries and plums. If there's a desire to use a place between apples, you can put a shop in their shadows or garden decorations - flashlights, sculptures.

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Ландшафтный дизайн, как сделать красивый участок примеры
Ландшафтный дизайн, как сделать красивый участок примеры ...
Продается дом, 3 ур, 9 ком, 4 су, 361 квм, 11 соток
Продается дом, 3 ур, 9 ком, 4 су, 361 квм, 11 соток ...
Ваши 6 соток № 03
Ваши 6 соток № 03
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