Оформление альпийской горки

Disein Alpine Mountain

A combination of plants and stones offers the greatest opportunities for creativity. However, it is best for newcomers to start with a simple design and minimum set of plants.

To make the alpine pot look decorationally round and not take a lot of time, it needs to be planted, not too demanding in care.

Homo plants for alpine

The steamers of the alpine mountain are undisputed favourites of starters who don't plan to give their baby much attention. One or two small trees and several artisanal artisanal persons between 25 and 50 cm from each other can be ejected into the alpine. For the alpine, pine cults will come and eat with charodine, charodine, stellar, shaped crowns that reach a height of not more than 50 cm. The same terrestrial form should be handicraftsmen.

Slowly growing and carliquid shapes of venom are not necessary:

  • From trees: Eat of ordinary, pine of mountain, tis of berries
  • From artisanal: Casazakian, ordinary, western

хвойные в альпинарии

The vocals fit in the alpine.

Dry and drainage plants

Ephedra. The name of the plant was the result of green, straight-up stacks that resemble long needles (reduced leaves). Artisanal forms of ephedra, from 10 to 50 cm high, look great in alpineria. The high decorative nature of culture is well combined with drought and coldness, as well as the lack of salinity.


The following types of ephedraes are suitable for alpine:

  • artisanal with red fruit Ephedra Fedchenko (over 10 cm)
  • Under-school Ephedra Gerard (High 10-15 cm);
  • cousins grassor two-collar ephedra (high 30-50 cm).

I did. The primers are typical alpine plants. Out of the winter leaves, straps are produced with large, bright vents. For Alpine Mountain Low-grown Yulia varieties, spring and school.

эфедра примула весенняя каменоломка гвоздика каменная

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Организация Альпийской горки.mpg
Организация Альпийской горки.mpg
Пеларгонии королевские и зональные. Дизайн альпийских
Пеларгонии королевские и зональные. Дизайн альпийских ...
Альпийская горка.Ландшафтный дизайн.Идеи для дома
Альпийская горка.Ландшафтный дизайн.Идеи для дома
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