Около дома сделаны клумбы и

Clumbs And Flowers With Their Hands

Nature always welcomes our eyes, but it's even nice to see it when it's the fruit of our work. Even from a small precinct at home or at least you can make a very painting place. This article will help you transform your courtyard from manual materials and with minimal costs. It's a wish and a little effort. In the article, we'll tell you how to make clums and flowers. with your hands on your hands. From the handwriting materials, show the diagrams, photos and videos of the flower logs.

Pay attention! There's a lot of options for how to set up your plot. But they all share two main types.Какие нужны материалы? The chauticated flowers, closer to the natural style, are the flower. And a more sophisticated geometric form is a clumba.

First, we need to figure out what you want to do. Since there are many options to date, some of them will definitely attract your attention. You can only steal the flowers, turn the garden into a flower, make a few big cloams, or even convert to old unnecessary things or devices.

What kind of materials

РазновидностиWhat kind of materials?

Again, it depends on the desired result. If you want to make a reliable cloam of manual material that would have stolen the precinct by the house for years, you might need:

  • stones;
  • brick;
  • Large galka;
  • concrete;
  • Detail details;
  • wooden tactics;
  • Tyres.

If you're a fan of constant experiments and diversity, you'll need to:

  • old boxes;
  • wooden rods;
  • Cora;
  • plastic products;
  • unnecessary pitches, cars, chairs or even old shoes.

Doing a normal cloam of any form would not make you a special job. I'd like to describe the most modern ideas of which more and more are emerging every year. Now you're not gonna surprise anyone with a rock or a concrete, so that doesn't require a lot of fantasy.

Pay attention! It's clear that the flower itself is very bright and beautiful, but by adding a little originality, you can turn it into a real fabulous corner right in front of you. Believe me, it won't leave your neighbors and loved ones indifferent. And most importantly, you'll be happy every day!


Как сделать клумбу из ящиков Цветник на телеге Большая цветочная клумба Цветник своими руками
Эти яркие клумбы сделаны своими руками из покрышек
Эти яркие клумбы сделаны своими руками из покрышек
Оригинальные клумбы своими руками
Оригинальные клумбы своими руками
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