Забор из горизонтальных досок

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Забор из горизонтальных досокThe precinct fences have multiple assignments. The main function of the fence was and remains protective. Through it, the owners try to limit access to their territory. In addition, the fences provide space both inside the site and separating it from its neighbours.

The decorative function of the fence is also important. The variety of methods of manufacture and decoration is an excellent effect. The main criteria for the construction of a good fence are material and method of construction.

Varieties of materials for a fence and their properties

Белый деревянный заборMany materials can be used to build the separation fence:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • metal grid or pistol;
  • concrete;
  • Professor and a lot of things.

The harvest from a natural tree has never lost its popularity for centuries. Despite the high price of construction components made of high-quality wood, such a fence would be attractive because of its naturality. The collection of boards and braces can be arranged in various ways:

  • Stocket;
  • Forest;
  • wooden race;
  • (mouth)
  • Frequent;
  • Planken.

Modern products can be classified as a polymer wood composer. Such a fence will last longer than pure wood. It requires less care, no fear of temperature and sunlight. The appearance of such a design does not deviate from other originators. At the same time, wood will require its care holder to treat anti-septic, paint, coating. This is due to lower yields compared to brick or metal.

The benefits of material in its accessibility and functionality. Minus is worth taking short and difficult care.

The brick fence will allow the maximum closure of its territory from uninvited guests. If the design designer makes it possible to build a fortress around the site, this material will best ensure the safety of the facility.

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