Дачные поделки фото

Dual Photos

Summer's in the middle, and it's a long time for the first harvest. They are asked to be photography heroes of juicy berries and bitters of tomatoes and cucumbers, summer idea of plotting and funny daylights.

We have a new beginning, and it will provide an opportunity to show the most interesting sides of this long period, the most beautiful ideas and the greatest achievements.

As you move to a " good summer settlement " , don't forget the cameras, and you'll be able to seal the most exciting events of the summer.

Moreover, the fruits of long-term work can be found not only in the streams and trees, but also in the hypermarkets of the BOI company, which will all summer be the sponsor of the gift photographs competition, and is happy to help the most creative artists steal . Orchard furniture or maids, glossing children with a beautiful pool or equipping new garden equipment.

Send your pictures along with their interesting and fun signatures, share your summer mood and win the contest!

  • The main prize is the DPI gift card with 5,000 rubles
  • For 2-7 seats, for better support, better commentator, voter leader and special surprise, gift cards with 10,000 roubles
In Russia, there are 24 BMI stores: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lower Novgorod and Catherineburg, Kazani, Omsk, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Saratov, Ryazani and Surguta. Which means the prizes are very close... they're only gonna be paid!

Phase VIII nominations

At this stage, 14 awards covering many summer long-term themes.
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