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What your initials say: Name, Fatherland

There are many theories about the impact of the name on its character. Some experts say that each of us can be learned from the initials. Having taken the first letters of your name, your father and surname, you'll find your character very hard. According to some studies, the letters of our names are as follows:

A power and power.
B is a great feeling.
Failure, lack of systemicity.
G is mysterious.
D is community, ability to attract people.
E - ability to mobilize, resilience.
F is insecure.
Z is inclination to doubt, dissatisfaction, material difficulties.
And Impressive, tense.
K is a lot of queries and nervousness in achieving them.
L is melody, logic, great ingenuity.
M is labor and pedantry.
H is great energy and creativity.
Oh, great emotionalness, mysterious disturbances.
P is humility, distance with people, loneliness.
P is constant stress, strong emotionalness.
C - frequent depression, nerve, oppression.
T is an endless search, chase of ideal.
Intuition, inclination to frequent disorders and spruce.
F is weakness, ability to adapt.
X is a lack of feelings, sexual problems.
- a tendency to exteriorate.
- loyalty.
S is jealousy, uncompromising.
SCH is developed intellectual abilities, revenge.
Uh, seeking psychological balance.

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Декоративная мельница-бар из дерева. Wood decorative
Декоративная мельница-бар из дерева. Wood decorative ...
Резьба по дереву. Декоративная розетка.Часть 2 (итог)
Резьба по дереву. Декоративная розетка.Часть 2 (итог)
Декоративный камин из дерева.
Декоративный камин из дерева.
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