Красивый сад Своими руками

Nice Garden

Красивый садNice garden.

Sad is a place where you can rest your soul and get close to nature, just outside your home. Flowers, leaf silos, birds singing is all that gives us a shower and fatigue, can be arranged with your hands in the yard.

Beautiful world gardens are a source of inspiration.

Beautiful world gardens of photos: Royal Botanical Garden in London

If you've decided to be the creator of your own "Rye Coal," pay attention to the best gardens of the world. These places were created by people to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Beautiful world gardens of photos: Kenroquan in Japan

Красивые сады мира фото: королевский ботанический сад в ЛондонеThe following gardens are worth mentioning: Versailles in France, Fin in Iran, Kenroquén in Japan, Royal Botanical in Melbourne, and many others. They're all contaminating their obscurity and recurrence. The beautiful gardens of the world make us want to make the same beauty with their hands on the garden.

Fin park in Iran

Красивые сады мира фото: Кэнрокуэн в ЯпонииBoards of newcomers or how to avoid mistakes

It is difficult for a starter to construct the courtyard and plant his first park from the fruit trees. These councils will help newcomers prevent mistakes and create a beautiful garden with their hands.

Nice garden.


The gardening needs to start with the planning. The plan outlines the house, economic structures, future and existing saturation. In order for the garden and construction of the site to create a holistic picture, a single style for all design elements must be maintained.

The zoning of the garden will help conceal the shortcomings or underline the dignity, identify special plants and the elements of the decor. As a result, with clear planning and visual separation into zones, the site will look like a picture and look unusual.

Landscape features

Красивые сады мира фото: парк Фина в ИранеMaybe your precinct has any landscape features to play. It could be an unusual relay, water, unique plants. For example, a mountain of alpine can be built at higher altitudes, and an artificial water can be created in the oven. You have to take them into account, making them beautiful. The gardens with their hands.

Beautiful garden photos of landscape transcending through the stairs


The next moment to be taken into account in the construction of a beautiful garden is the design of highways. Their shapes must stress the terrain landscape. The best solution would be if all built-in paths were to be combined.

The garden will look more creative when it is produced from various materials. When you set the tracks with a flower brodure, you'll add the limb to your garden. It'll be a great match for that purpose, honey, velvets.

Красивый сад фото Красивый сад фото зонирование перепадов ландшафта при помощи лестницы Сады мира и зонирование ландшафтов Красивые сады фото
Красивые композиции сада из разных растений. Как украсить сад
Красивые композиции сада из разных растений. Как украсить сад
Дизайнерские красивые грядки в саду
Дизайнерские красивые грядки в саду
Композиции в нашем саду и красивая музыка Нини Россо (HD)
Композиции в нашем саду и красивая музыка Нини Россо (HD)
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