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Stones Decoration

The stone is a unique natural material that can fit into virtually all the garden styles and add a raisin to any decor. It is not less attractive than water, and it may be that this is why dry streams and waters are often produced from such universal material.

Aesthetic Secret The stone " hide " in its mineral nature, which is part of nature, but at the same time visually different from the world of plants. Diversity is always beautiful, isn't it? That's why any garden will always find a decent place. Most often, it becomes an addition, a bright accent or a material for individual corners. However, if you wish and knowingly fantasy, the stone can also be shrined throughout the garden.

For design purposes, all types are suitable: sand, boot, granite, valoons, galka (natural and river), shoes, lava, gravel or cheek. The only condition is naturality of origin.

Stock stories

Even the most ordinary bladder is capable of altering design of a given section♪ But each stone has its own history, and the most fascinating ones we will tell today.

Anything or nothing?

The most famous form of stoning on the precinct is that. Usually, only a small part of the territory is occupied by such an object, but if you wish it could be transferred to the whole area. In what context do you design your garden of stones depends solely on taste and aesthetic bias. However, it would still have to be chosen from two options: a classic Japanese rock garden and a stone garden. We're allowed a variety of fantasies, but they're the style of the proposed genre. Japanese stone garden - Philosopher's, there are no plants, and a variety of stones reproduce Mother Nature's model, and each of them has a role here. Small calibres, gravels and galcs are used to create water images, large stones symbolize ground hardness. Let's just say, if large areas covered by small rocks or white sand are portraying the ocean, the large stones are islands in the ocean.

Council: Do you want to make the “water” more voluminous and “living” — make rocks or sand special robbers. Remember that the Japanese garden of stones has certain canons: all stones must be of different sizes and there must be no symmetry in their location.

Important: there must be 15 large " heroes " in the classical garden, with 14 of them visible at the same time.

Valoons and oxy dominate. In contrast to the classic version, plants can be used in processing, but not more than 4-5 species. Their main task is to underline the beauty of the stone, so that such landings should be placed with long distances from each other. Perfect candidates are Alpine plants, but there are also derogations from general rules. The only condition is the combination with the rock and the small size. Camenist garden can be natural, landscape or even architectural. It's a very creative object, and improvisation here is not only important but necessary. The current trend in processing is the use of non-standard materials, including colour, glass balloons, ceramics, conventional bricks, lining materials and concrete blocks. The choice depended on the style of processing your site and the “acture” used to create different facilities.

Importantly, the garden of stones must be literate into the general garden planning, because it is the purpose of connecting parts of the site into a whole. Such facilities are therefore best located on the edges of the watermelon, the lawn, along the paths, underground walls or zoning boundaries. The stone garden may be both arbitrary and geometric, and may be produced as an island or a tape.

Young, the most uncomfortable neighbors for massive valoons, they're often called stone roses.

The flock is only one possible and simple in the implementation of stone-throwing options on the site.

Landscape Design

The backbone may be very diverse: from small gravel to medium-sized bottles placed in the intersection of glass gmile.

The stone-cold can quickly be transformed into an original cube, but only the most persistent plants will survive.

Сад камней своими руками
Сад камней своими руками
Браслет из камней граната и розового кварца "Гранатовый Сад"
Браслет из камней граната и розового кварца "Гранатовый Сад"
Сад камней. Jewel Garden. My jewelry collection. Моя
Сад камней. Jewel Garden. My jewelry collection. Моя ...
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