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How To Steal The Yard With Your Hands

Eвропейский ландшафтный дизайнEvery owner of a private house dreams that his landing area is beautiful and irrepetitive. Especially when the spring comes and everything starts to green and buzz. When spring comes, there are changes in the courtyard. ♪ Remove your precinct, there's no need for expertise or expertise, just the availability of all the tools and a little fantasy. It's not gonna be hard to transform your palace if you consider some of the ideas set out below.

How to steal the palace with flowers and plumbs

The flowers are the best way to steal your garden, fence or garden. You won't need extra investment and a lot of time.Альпийская горка Let's note that the flowers look very attractive and original in old furniture or in unnecessary jars, dishes, barrels, etc. Here are some creative ideas.

If you have an old barrel, you need to pull it off with your hands, because under pressure of land and water, it can fall apart. If you're more reliable, you'll put it inside the scobs. Then cover the bottom of the barrel with a black film and then put the drain on. That's it. Now you have a big one, you can say, even a giant flower pot. Agree that such a hudo would look very original, impressive and beautiful.

Альпийская горкаWood products in the garden

Wood is environmental and practical. There are lots of paint and lacquers that will not only make your yard beautiful and colorful, but also extend the life of wood products in the garden. Your vigour and patience will soon bear fruit, and you will have a court of honor for your family and your neighbours. The wood deals can be divided into two groups of their properties:

  1. 1. Functional. Functional counterfeiting may include conversations, benches, fences and bridges across the pond.
  2. 2. Decoration. Decorational plots include forgery of gardens, lawn, palace, etc.

Готический стиль в садуThe stone garden is an excellent way to create a decor on the land.

The most beautiful examples of stone gardens are distributed to Japanese people. It looks very attractive and exquisite. With the stones, you can make the path with your hands, the alpine pot and the stone clums. The stone is best acquired in kind, unprocessed. Thus, it will preserve its generosity and structure.

Use such stones to steal your courtyard:

  • Borders
  • cheek
  • marble
  • gravel
  • Walloons

Nice fountain in the yard.

Fontan is the best way to steal your palace and improve the climate of your recreational zone. In the meantime, the fountain needs to be harmonized with the whole section, and it doesn't matter what style it's gonna do. You can make your own fountain out of manual material. The main thing is, before we start, we need to pick a pump right and not save it.

Двор частного дома своими руками. Design private courtyard
Двор частного дома своими руками. Design private courtyard ...
Как украсить двор частного дома. Просто но красиво
Как украсить двор частного дома. Просто но красиво
Как украсить сумку своими руками
Как украсить сумку своими руками
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