Альпийская горка как сделать

Alpine Mountain How To Do

If you want to make the landscape of your long-distance precinct more beautiful and individual, make an alpine pot on it. To that end, many people turn to professional designers and pay a lot of money for it. However, create an alpine if you wish to be in force for every duck. AIF.ru tells me how to do it.

How Make the Alpine Mountain With your own hands?

1. Fix the alpine pattern and choose a suitable place for it.

First of all, we need to draw an alpine pot on paper. This will allow a proper planning of work. Then select the plot of land (preferably high and well-administered) and mark the ground.

Important: During the planning of the alpine mountain of 10 m2, the future layout of crossings and garden paths is required.

2. Prepare the basis

The Alpine Mountain is on a good drainage system. Otherwise, after a while, the soil underneath it will start eating.

In order to prepare a drainage system, you need to:

  • to dig the calculated; its depth will depend on the area of the future camenist garden. For an alpine of 2, 5 to 2, 5 metres, the optimal depth will be about 1 metre;
  • I want you to put a calf down. You can use sand, cheek, building debris, turtles;
  • to drain a fertile soil of 30 cm high;
  • Break the soil layer into three tiers, upper, medium and lower;
  • I'm very busy.

3. Choose and lay stones

The next stage is work with stones. The following points should be taken into account in their choice:

  • The smaller the size of the alpine, the smaller the size of the stones should be;
  • The rocks shall not be located in any particular geometric order, the pot shall look as natural as possible;
  • Don't take valoons of different kinds, because usually rocks are found in the nature of the crop;
  • Don't put the stones too tight and wet their fertile soil.

Important: To get a good alpine, I need him to look pretty even if there's no vegetation. That is the secret of the masters.

4. Ground for plants

An alpine grunt can be bought and can be prepared on its own. To do this, we need to take the glinist soil (it has to be clean, so it doesn't have any weeds) and mix it with the peat in Proportion 3/1 (the cake must be three times less than the ground). Then we need to add some gravia to the ground.

Как сделать сухой ручей из камней
Как сделать сухой ручей из камней
Альпийская горка своими руками. Как сделать альпийскую горку
Альпийская горка своими руками. Как сделать альпийскую горку
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