Ландшафтный дизайн загородного

Landscape Photo

Landscape design project - how to create space near home and garden

The plot of land around their own house or cottage is the territory on which their own world is built. It's the environment and the continuation of the house, the landscape of the plot adapted to life with maximum convenience. Park, garden and long-distance design on the photos in the gallery of our website will help find the most appropriate option!

Landscape design style - a beautiful project

The area around the house is educated. photo landscapewhich the inhabitants use for different purposes and to achieve maximum convenience. This complex includes everything that is comfort and rationalism - the proper distribution of territory, the organization of zoning with a specific purpose, the development and implementation of aesthetic concept of recreational sites.

Several traditional styles are used to create a complete image:

  1. English
  2. It gives the illusion that all elements of the landscape remain intact with the human hand;

    With the perfect symmetry clumbing that fits the territory before entering the house;

  3. French Park
  4. Italian Park

with saturated colour gamma and silized rock fragments in the piling clumb.

Landscape and functional areas - photo

The greatest impact of the Territory ' s use is created by zoning the site, making certain parts of a particular destination:

- the economic zone with construction;

- Garage and parking area;

- " Paradise territory " before the central entrance;

- Parking area with small architectural forms

- Location - places where some premises have additional access to the territory. It could be the hall, the living room, the living room, the dining room, the veranda.

The location and interaction of the zones is defined by the Landscape Design Project, which is being developed according to the local conditions and preferences of the occupants.

It contains the following elements:

  • areas describing the purpose
  • elements of artificial origin
  • plants
  • water bodies and basins
  • roads and areas
  • Relay (for Italian garden)

To organize the space surrounding housing and to use all its capabilities to expand its life space will help the images presented on our website, landscape design in photos of gardens, conversations, wallets and architectural forms.

Landshaft design of a given section is a single image of two constituents. Photographs, ideas, projects

The modern style of the house is created as a whole, which includes the compounding of the exterrier and the surrounding area. The house is based on prevailing winds and water movements, but this is not all, building fits into the area as part of a common picture.

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Ландшафтный дизайн.Слайд шоу из фото
Ландшафтный дизайн.Слайд шоу из фото
Коломенское. Москва. 2015 г. Фото. Ландшафт.Москва-река
Коломенское. Москва. 2015 г. Фото. Ландшафт.Москва-река ...
Уроки по Blender. №13-6. 3D photo. Из фото в 3D ландшафт.
Уроки по Blender. №13-6. 3D photo. Из фото в 3D ландшафт.
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