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How To Make The Alpine Pot

: делаем альпийскую горкуThe free space of the landing area is often unsatisfactory. I admit, it's been my date for a couple of years. However, with free time, I have decided to change everything and to create the Alpine Mountain myself.

Many sources say that the place for the alpine mountain must be necessarily solar and clean from trees. I dare challenge this claim, the sun moves during the day, and every part of the day. Alpine Mountain It's going to be under sunlight somehow. Besides, the alpine mountain is afraid of wind weather, so it's better to do it outside the fence, which burns out of the wind.

The procedure is:

  • Choose the place.
  • Let's get the pit.
  • Create a drain.
  • We'll pack the hole and we'll get it.
  • Let's get a pot of rocks.

We will now look at each stage of work in detail.

Choose the place. for a future alpine mountain. In my case, it was a space, just dried weeds, located on a free site, not a tree name and other saturation. We'll figure out what the grip will be. I got about 5 m long and 2, 8-3m wide. The poem can be absolutely any.

Dig the hole. The deeper it will be, the longer it will not take a mountain of external influences: wind, snow and just the gravity of the land with plants. I dug a deeper oval form approximately equal to the intended size. The depth was slightly less than the metre. This depth (70-80 cm) has been shown to have not compromised the quality of the Alpine Mountain.

For a year and a half a mountain of "not sown," create a drain♪ This is an important stage of work, because the drain serves as a foundation. The pit can be filled with anything: a brick, a cheek, a fractured building material. Mainly, ensure that no plastic products are included in the filled drain because they can lead to plant diseases over time. The deepening that has been accumulated is complete.

Рокарий своими руками.mp4 как сделать своими руками
Рокарий своими руками.mp4 как сделать своими руками ...
Альпинарий или как сделать альпийскую горку
Альпинарий или как сделать альпийскую горку
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