Как построить альпийскую горку

How To Build An Alpine Pot

Альпийская горка своими руками – сложно, но можноA lot of nuances should be taken into account in setting up the Alpine Mountain with their hands. Nature has for many thousands of years created a fabulous earth landscape, and an amateur gardener needs to re-establish it in a shorter time, and also without wind, rain, temperature changes.
Just finish your fantasy, and don't take too hard projects in the form of rare natural communities, leave professional landscape designers their bread.
Let's try to phasing out the task of building the Alpine Mountain.

Preparatory work.

The first and one of the most important stages of creation is the choice of place. The main selection criteria will be:
(a) Lighting - during the day this place shall be lit as long as possible by the sun;

B. The review - like all the flower, the Alpine Mountain must be well-arried;

(B) Spark, don't forget it's a very large building.

Next, we shall identify the contour of the sole(s) of the throat and remove the upper fertile layer of the ground. It will be useful for us in the future, the only condition is no weeds, or soon there will be extra plants on the mountain alien to its colonite. Now we have a deep calculation (more than 30 cm).
It is also necessary to take care of the drain, remembering that mountain plants (and not only) do not like stacking water. For the lower layer, the drainage will be stained or bricked (also advised to use the building debris, but it's not the best option), next to a sand of about 5 cm, and above all it's covered by the soil. By the way, if the section for the pot is not too tight on the slope and the soil, then the drain may not be necessary.

Альпийская горка своими руками – сложно, но можно Альпийская горка своими руками – сложно, но можно Альпийская горка своими руками – сложно, но можно Альпийская горка своими руками – сложно, но можно
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