15 поделок, которые хочется

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Penne Rigata 500 g
Becon's a raw 200 gre
Zhelicopter 4
20 per cent 200 ml
Chance 2-3 tooth
Olive oil 1 table
Cheese (preferably parmesan) 50 rgr
Black hammer tastes good.
The salt tastes

How do you know?

It's the tasty Italian dish that's cooked in minutes, and it's a pleasure. : As long as you're cooking, you'll be sloppy!

So... ♪

We're sending macaroni in accordance with packing instruction. In this case, it's better not to waste 1 min than to dig it!

As long as the macaroni's fighting, we're going to warm up the pancreas, cut down the thick strips of the bacon. If the bacon is fat, we're gonna get him on the dry pan, he's gonna get the salsa we need. If the bacon is a complete meat, we'll put a spoon of olive oil in the pan. In a few minutes, the bacon will be caught and we'll put it through the garlic. Literally, we're taking a minute off the fire, we're leaving.

We put four yolk in a separate bowl, give them a little bit of a fork, add cream, cake cheese, black hammer and salt. With a fork or a vein, we're turning it into a homogeneous mass.

By that time, our pennies are ready, pouring water, putting them back into the castle and pouring the mass. We're shaking, we're adding a garlic bacon, we're gonna mix it up again, we're gonna close the roof, and we're gonna be on the hot stove for a minute.

Поделки Своими Руками - Детские Украшения Для Волос Видео
Поделки Своими Руками - Детские Украшения Для Волос Видео
Кофейные поделки своими руками.
Кофейные поделки своими руками.
Поделки в стихах. Маска на карнавал своими руками
Поделки в стихах. Маска на карнавал своими руками ...
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