Сад огород дача



Those who do not believe in good harvests and conspirations may not read this article. Nevertheless, many dormitories raise their crops in their gardens through magical plots and even rid themselves of pests. On the eve of the new day season, I give you old Orthodox plots and high yields collected by Natalia King.

Those who go to lay down the garden
Before you leave the house, step right on your left leg and say: I'll give the land and the land will give me. And nobody's gonna hurt me.

Good harvest conspiracy.
Reading this conspiracy in your garden or garden, you will always harvest good crops and have complete closures: I'm going to the gates of heaven, I'm divine. I worship God. I'd give you, Lord, and me, the same thing you have in heaven. That's how it all grows and grows, grows up and pours. Angels for mercy, people are surprised. Amen. Amen. Amen.

For growth in the garden
In the clear weather, when the stars are visible in the sky, go around the cross section of the garden and whisper: the earth has been born, the land has been rewarded, the land enriched, the mother of God, preserved. Amen.

Save the good harvest.
Here. or garden Find the worm. Turn it around your thumb, on the ring maner, and say, "I'm gonna get you on the guard. As long as your tribe doesn't come out, the world won't turn around, the oxin won't be a flower, the urine is a boiler, the stone is a hammer, the dog is a bug, you'll live in the ground, the name of Alanie is my harvest. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

What you have to say when you land carrots
The root to the cinnamon and the head to the top. Have her root for the fortress.

What to say when we land the cabbage
Cabbage, don't be empty, but be dense. Get a bite, get a leaf.

Conspiracy for tomatoes to die
Stand up until sunrise and, three times cross, say, looking at the bottom: There's no number and bills to the faithful man, the bells of the church, the ants in the woods, so there's no account of the profits to the tomatoes on my team. Amen.

Дача сад огород. Георгины: посадка и уход.Подвязка.
Дача сад огород. Георгины: посадка и уход.Подвязка.
Дачная академия 3. Зона огорода.
Дачная академия 3. Зона огорода.
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