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Summer Shower To Give Your Hands

12590Regardless of how often you're planning to spend time on a good site, it's certainly necessary to set up basic facilities, one of which is a soul. The type of future design depends directly on how you plan to spend time on the day. Passive long rest with the comfort of the city and the canteens will most likely be required to establish a permanent shower. The construction of a land parcel under the garden, the garden, the clumbum with a short stay can easily be done.

Compact portable shower

The simplest and most accessible option you can use when you're not involved. Station without dusting, a portable shower. It is done in the form of a compact black bag that is filled as necessary. The standard volume is 20 litres, which is sufficient once.letnijj-dush-dlya-dachi-2-e1345574981516 Continuous water leakage continues on average 10 minutes.

Carbon shower assembly

  • Water tank
  • tube for easy transport of filled bag
  • suspension rope
  • Brad detector.

Method of application

Use the container and put it on the sun. Once the water in it reaches the right temperature, hang it at a height of about two meters in any convenient place and open the crane.

gotovaya-kabinka-dlya-dushaOpen shower

Open showers of simple design will also require a little cost and money and time. Such an improvised soul can serve for years.

Workshop technology

Implement the following actions:

  1. Choose a place with maximum access to sunlight.
  2. Affix the pipe back to the wall.
  3. With the help of the hose, connect her to the ice-breaker.
  4. Pick up the sticker at 2-2, 5 m.
  5. Stick the hooks and the moisture panel.
  6. Determine the width or install arc pipe in the wall with curtain rings.

In order to be more comfortable in the future, a half of the soul can be built by using, for example, a ceramogenite or any other artificial stone to prevent sliding.


One of the most convenient options is a home with a shower to give. Such an arrangement is sufficient to accommodate the site.

Households for delivery

In the way in which an internal space suitable for use under such conditions is constructed, two options may be noted:

  • Hozlock housing
  • Separate sanitation facility.
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летний душ
летний душ
Туалет для дачи своими руками.
Туалет для дачи своими руками.
Душ для дачи
Душ для дачи
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