Ремонт дачного домика и

Repair Of Home

Zhodchi provides a wide range of services for the repair of the country ' s home. The company can order repairs to the roof or simply replace the roof. Our brigades are ready to take care of the house, replace the internal and external division, set up new windows and doors.

If you want to not just renovate certain structural elements, but significantly increase the useful space, number of rooms, or in principle turn modest. home In the new modern cottage, we can reconstruct your dacha comprehensively, build the veranda, the terrace, create a comfortable, functional Mensard floor, etc. With the qualification of our technicians, building brigades and the availability of a variety of construction materials, it is possible to repair not only carcasses, brushes or barren houses, but also brick buildings.

  • Twentieth year experience in the repair and reconstruction of long-distance wooden houses;
  • Human resources capacity: full-time professional technology and experienced specialized brigades;
  • Qualitative pylomats, cushioned in Convestive Cells and calibration at high precision stations. Such material is better maintained by the stability of its linear sizes, more resistant to moisture and insects, longer. Safeguards for glued braces are up to 23 years.
  • Strict compliance with all treaty obligations;
  • Payment for work done.

The company works very carefully and professionally. Before they begin, a specialist is leaving the facility to be repaired. He's diagnosing the house, taking the exact sizes, taking pictures of it. The company ' s technology develops schematic projects that are discussed and agreed with the customer, and construction and separation materials are collected. The total cost of all services and materials is fixed in the contract and is not being reviewed. The company ' s home repairs are year round.

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«Дачный ответ»: Охотничий домик для всей семьи вместо
«Дачный ответ»: Охотничий домик для всей семьи вместо ...
Школа ремонта (2012) сезон 8, серия №29. Дачный прованс
Школа ремонта (2012) сезон 8, серия №29. Дачный прованс
Домик в лесу . ДАЧНЫЙ ОТВЕТ Выпуск 14
Домик в лесу . ДАЧНЫЙ ОТВЕТ "Выпуск 14"
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