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Making a garden table with your hands can be made of manual material that many seem completely useless. We offer you unusual ideas for giving, which are related to the establishment of different garden furniture and tables, including. Look at the photos of the garden tables and choose the best option for yourself. If you put in any idea to give, you can be fantasy and make the necessary changes.

How to make a garden wood table with your hands: photos

A table of garden wood is aesthetic of the natural landscape of daci and simplicity of manufacture. Doing a garden table with your hands will help photos and detailed instructions. Before you start making the garden table with your hands, prepare all necessary materials and tools. You'll have to look at the photos of how to make the garden table with your hands, showing the production process.

It's a very stylish and original table, which can be used both in the garden and in the good interior. Costs, minimums, because it's based on a brick pan.

You will need:

  • Brick pallet;
  • Direction wheels with a diameter of approximately 10 to 12 cm;
  • An antiseptic-morylist for the tree you need;
  • Accommodation paper;
  • Shurupovart;
  • Shuras are normal;
  • Shruples for scrap metals;
  • Quiet.

Furniture and detailed instructions on how to make the garden table with your hands.

All right, slap the pan: first with a large-scale saturation paper, then small-scale. We can also use a charcoal with a sliph round.

Put the steering wheels on the bottom of the pallet. To this end, use the usual mouses on which to put on the bays removed from the scraps for metallurpants (because the wheel bases are large openings). You can put the wheels directly on top of the metal tubes, but then you'll need a special stack on the snoop.

Cover a table of antiseptic-moryl for a tree, the best containing wax. At the same time, the table can be thinned under nuts, palisandre, oak, pine, leaflet, or use a transparent anti-septic to just separate the structure of the tree without changing its colour.

Attention, not all the pallets are the same! They can be of different sizes and different intersections between raids. Choose a pallet that's best suited to you.

Round tables from the tree and their photos

If you have an old garden table, take your time to throw it away! Of course, it's completely immature and broken, but for your garden, it's a real finding. In a new denomination, he'll steal not only a gardening corner, but also a country house.

The wood garden tables will be combined with many styles because their decor is universal.

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Поделки для дома и дачи. Оригинальные идеи
Поделки для дома и дачи. Оригинальные идеи
Оригинальные идеи для дачи
Оригинальные идеи для дачи
Обалденные идеи для дачи
Обалденные идеи для дачи
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