Клумба на даче — фото

Photo Clumbing

28The flower must be good. Put the clumbum in the front entrance or in the interview, make it a free approach, put it in the sand or gravel. If you're planning to plant the shadows, you can break the flower under the trees or at the trees.

Flower varieties

Professionals divide flowers into regular and free landscape planning.


  • gardens , non-broad (up to 50 cm) lanes along the tracks and serving them with flower circumference
  • Cloums, geometrically correct, with clear boundaries, round, oval, square, rectangular or triangle colours
  • Range, long and wide, up to 3 meters, lanes, good to be located along the building of the daisy
  • Parters are separate flower compounds formed from sculptures, sands or gravestocks and plants

Free planning:

  • may have any form and a wide range of plants in them (owners ' voluntary ideas on any topic)
  • Connect, trees and so-called Alpine Mountain
  • Colours in an arbitrary manner without defining the boundaries

Which of the species presented is preferred, decide on the size of the colour.

14Seasonal distribution

By creating a flower, I want him to enjoy his eyes throughout the season, and this is May, September. For a moderate climate, the list of seasonal flowers will look like:

May - June, tulip, narciss, stone, eye antenuines

June-July - Vassilki, , nail, dolphinium,

July-August-August-- fluxes, rumish garden, turbine, barhuts, cosmeya

August-September - Oh, the reading is good.

Besides, there are plants that flow all season. Among them, the most popular is the village of soul, garden and garden.

10If you plant seasonal zones in the formation of the cloam, you'll be guaranteed a flower garden from May to September.

It's important! When you've acquired dissolved or seeds in a store or in a market, you'll take a few of the same kind of plants. So you can build the blueprint you need and protect yourself from loss if all seeds don't come up.


The creative fantasies of the dowry are animated by their originality. The most unexpected items are coming in.

Frequency is car tyres. They are also used for separate clumbing, and they create real flower, and the tyres are painted in different ways by giving the ready composite a special ball.

Amazing flower blooms are made out of the old one, but it looks fabulous.

32 12
Цветочные клумбы на даче в чемодане или чемоданные клумбы
Цветочные клумбы на даче в чемодане или чемоданные клумбы
Симпатичные клумбы на даче вокруг дерева
Симпатичные клумбы на даче вокруг дерева
Красивые клумбы на даче в виде зонта. Зонт в дачном дизайне
Красивые клумбы на даче в виде зонта. Зонт в дачном дизайне
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