25 способов украсить дом

Interpreter By Hand

By every new season, we're updating the wardrobe, even more of our own external image, and what about the domestic interior? It also requires continuous updating and transformation. But don't rush to start some expensive and exhausting repairs. FashionTime will offer eight original ideas for stealing the interior with his hands. The most unbelievable designer ideas are easy to put into effect through manual means and fantasies, and the results of your work will be happy and admired for many years.

Decorative glass cough

An ever-green composite in a glass vessel will refresh the interior of the living room or bedroom. Under her location, you can single out a simple angle or a stella. We will need to create a decorative composite: glass vases of different sizes, soil corresponding to plants, charcoal, large sand, galka, ceramic turtles, drainage, cactus and ficus.

Step 1. First, we prepare the basis of the composite and make a drain for the glass bottom. To this end, we put a layer of galc or turtle on the side upwards, then we put out the keramzit, the coal and the large sand.

Step 2. We fall into the soil, and we plant cactus in it.

Our composition is ready, glass vases can be placed on the window or the entire perimeter of the room.

Topiary from flowers

Topiary is a combination of a variety of ball-form material. Living flowers and leaves, tapes, crumbs, coffee grains, cranes, sands can be used as a basis for the decoration. Tonight, we're suggesting you make a topiary of roses. That's why we're gonna need a florist sponge, flowers, tapes and glass vase. The formation of this composite will take minutes, and the flower vase itself will be a clear complement to the interior.

Step 1. You can use live or artificial flowers. If the flowers are alive, then the florist sponge is pre-vased with water.

Step 2. Separate boutons of the base flower and insert the specimen behind the lip by the ball.
Step 3. We put a ball on the vase, and in a long leg, the glass vase let the ribbon down. Fabulous thopery of roses is ready to find a suitable place on a dresser or a magazine table.


Don't rush to break up with old furniture. Anything you have at your house can be transformed in a few hours. For example, now, a normal blond dresser from the bedroom, we're gonna turn into a designer dream. We're afraid of everything we need-- ground, brush, hyster, glue, pens for sliding closets, scissors, nails and linear.

Step 1. We'll prepare the coma's surface. We'll cut the pens and put the layer of the ground.
Step 2. We'll make a thorough merchandise with a linear. We don't forget the size of the comedian's legs. We're also measuring the front surface of the box, and we're moving all the results to the poster.

Step 3. Cut the decorative elements for the jewelry of the comedian surfaces.

Step 4. We take the drawers out of the comedian and the facades of each one of them, we put the glue and glue the decoration paper.

Step 5. With the glue, we'll set all the exterior elements of the comedian and decorate the legs.

Step 6. All juices and uneven corners of the paper are equal to the rubber.

Step 7. Now with the nails, we're making holes for new decorative pens that'll last.

Our comedian with a bright drawing is ready! If you chose a paint poster, repeat one of the reasons for drawing on a pillow wire or use a decoration frame for the photo.

The notebook.

That's the idea of an interior. with your hands. It's good for a kid's room or a nice surprise for lovers. It depends on your fantasy, because you may not only wish a good night, but also confess to love. We're gonna need a wooden frame, a one-ton fabric, a stapler or liquid nails, acrylic paints, brushes, a standard wire holder and a fork, an energy-saving lamp.
Step 1. We'll make a note for the night. The Council uses WordArt in Microsoft Word. Print on scale 1: 1.

Step 2. We'll pull the tissue on the frame and put it on the back side with a stapler.

Step 3. We'll translate the printed picture to the tissue. You can do it with a copycat or cut the letters, put it on the floor and pencil.

Антенна 3 g своими руками из подручных средств. Тест
Антенна 3 g своими руками из подручных средств. Тест ...
Газонокосилка своими руками из подручных средств, за копейки.
Газонокосилка своими руками из подручных средств, за копейки.
Снеговик своими руками из подручных средств.
Снеговик своими руками из подручных средств.
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