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Планировка дачного участка: разбор правил проектирования участков разной формыHappy gardeners and landlords who have only entered their land use rights are faced with many nuances: from the location of the house, construction and completion of the basic planting of the fruit trees. The careful planning of the long-distance site would prevent errors in the taking of rapid decisions and ensure the effective use of the entire site.

The planning of the suburban area depends primarily on the nature of the terrain, the form of the land cut, the surrounding structures and other characteristics of the terrain. The location of the site is also important: height or low, availability of water sources, location of former forests or staps.

The garden plot, which would welcome the buoyant flow of crops and fertilization, needs to take into account the level of land that can further affect the direction of rainwater or wax.

The site ' s vertical planning will maximize the current range for the growth of valuable crops and protect the building bases from rain and flood waters.

Conference successful site planning also accounts for horizontal parties. This will make it possible to rationalize all saturation and construction taking into account solar lighting at different times of day and year. Constructions and large trees should preferably be located on the north side so that the shadows do not fall on green saturation. In addition, the facade of the house on the northern side of the section will look south. This arrangement will allow for the natural solar lighting of rooms throughout the light day.

The optimum option is that the division of the site into functional parts, which are represented by:

  • Housing;
  • Rest area;
  • Business area;
  • A garden and garden zone.
План дачного участка Элементы дизайна для укрепления склонов Палисадник за забором на улице Дом в глубине сада
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